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True Stories
“We’ll Do Whatever It Takes”

Pam and Tim were referred to us by a past client. They owned a beautiful, timber-constructed cape on the water in Upton. Initially their plan was to hire a local broker, but because we were highly referred, they decided to at least meet with us. They had concerns about hiring us since our office is located in Franklin and not in the immediate area. It was also a very difficult property to determine a value for due to it’s uniqueness. Evidently, we made an impression because they hired us. The home was sold for slightly more than full price. In fact, the buyers were from Franklin, and they were brought to us by another Franklin broker. So you never know where that buyer will come from.


Janice was trying to sell her home in Blackstone on her own. At the time, we were marketing a home close by that has “special” issues. It was a good, solid home but needed updating; and later we learned that it needed a new septic system. Noticing our sold sign in a short period of time, Janice gave us a call and ultimately entrusted us to market her home. It took a little time, but a buyer was found. Although Janice’s multi-level home showed beautifully and was well maintained, some issues did come up through the home inspection process. We were able to help her through the process and even attended to the additional inspections and subsequent repairs. This took the pressure off of Janice preventing her from losing time from work. Janice now states that, although she may have found a buyer on her own, she doesn’t think she would have had the same outcome if she had to face the inspection issues alone.


Pat and Akira were from Japan and were looking for water front property, but they also wanted privacy and a large lot. This was a challenge since most waterfront properties sit on small lots. To make it more difficult, they were hoping to accomplish this within 6 weeks before they returned to Japan for 3 months. We checked out everything available in a wide area, called other brokers, and even began researching land for them. Coincidentally, the owner of our company knew of a property being rented that might be available soon. It was a large colonial on a 3-acre parcel that also included a 3-acre island! We showed Pat and Akira the home in a blizzard. They loved it, made an offer, and closed only 2 weeks later, 2 days before they returned to Japan. It was a Win-Win for everyone. The owner sold quickly; the tenant had time to find a home on the west coast; and the Pat and Akira found a perfect home within their timeframe.

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