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“We Will Sell Your House OR ERA Will Buy It!”

Once you make up your mind to sell your home, peace of mind is your next priority. One of the many ways that the professionals at ERA Key Realty Services can help guarantee this peace of mind is through the ERA® Sellers Security® Plan.

This popular program guarantees the sale and closing date of your home, and advances equity from your current home toward the down payment and closing costs of the new home.

The plan’s motto is “We Will Sell Your House, Or ERA Will Buy It!”® Created to assist customers whose current home needs to be sold to enable their next home purchase, the program uses a “Five-Point Marketing Plan” to help maximize the sales potential of a home. Customers are guaranteed a sale and closing date once they meet requirements and accept the ERA® offer.

This program is still the only one of its kind offered by a national real estate brand. Please feel free to contact us for all the details!

Only ERA Real Estate has
The Sellers Security® Plan